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The Pandara Staff Team will be hosting an exciting PVP event in order to find the fiercest Pandalorian!​

We'll be hosting this awesome event on a 'Nuketown' themed map!​

📰 Basic Rules 🗒️

- Hacking is not allowed.
- You are not allowed to team with other individuals.
- Potions and Golden Apples will not be allowed for this PVP event.​

🥳 Prizes 🎁

🥇- 3 Rare Golden Tokens
🥈- 2 Rare Golden Tokens
🥉- 1 Rare Golden token​

Date/Time 🤔

The event will take place on May 14, 2022 at 4:00pm EST, can't wait to see you all! Prizes may change, so stay tuned! Will you be crowned the Fiercest Pandalorian? Join us in this event!​

Welcome to PANDARA 2.0

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Pandara has been completely recreated with the recent launch of the 1.18 update, at last we have reached our stable version for the server. After a long journey we are here to stay.

Talk to us about the changes Panda?

We have a brand new SPAWN, that will definitely be the first thing you will notice, it is much larger than the previous ones and it will accommodate a lot more features yet to come. The world is currently locked at 8k on all sides. We have done that in preparation to 1.19 which is just around the corner. Once the 1.19 launches, we will extend the borders to 20K ON ALL SIDES, that means that you will have a 40k x 40k world to explore, that is a lot of world :p

In addition, there is a RESOURCE world coming as well, where you can go and collect as many resources as you need, the resource world will be constantly reset so you can appreciate that infinity of resource without destroying your own land.

We have also decided to keep our discounts in our STORE until the end of this month.

Lastly, we have just re-launched the server, so please bear with us if anything seems not to be working as it should, you can always report anything in our forum or open a ticket on discord and we will get to work on it right away.

Thank you so much for all your patience and thank you so much for being part of PANDARA!

Under construction!

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What does that even mean?!

Pandara is upgrading, we are working really hard on improving the server and soon we will have a brand new website with new features and awesome artwork.

Why so many changes?

We are preparing ourselves to become a much bigger server and in the process there has been a lot of disruption, which we profusely apologize for. We are in the path to make Pandara a bigger server for a broader community and more relevance in the world of minecraft servers out there.

So while we are in this process, please be patient with us. We are working this hard for you and hopefully it will all end soon. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the server as always and to balance all the disturbance we have caused so far, all items in our shop are drastically reduced in price, so why don't you take advantage of that and grab yourself something before the prices go back to normal?