► MY MENU


    Opens your own menu with a bunch of personalized options designed to make it easy for you to navigate through Pandara.




    ► Claims Commands


    Shows a list of all your claims in the world that belongs to you or that you are added to.


    Abandons the claim you standing in


    Displays the people trusted in a claim


    Allows you to subdivide claims

    /containertrust [username or public]

    Allow players to access the containers in your claim.

    (Remember “/containertrust public” allows anyone to have access to anything you mark as public, including chests and animals/villagers. Not just trusted people)

    /accesstrust [username or public]

    Allow players to access doors, buttons, levers and others things in your claims.

    (Remember “/accesstrust public” allows anyone to use buttons and levers you mark as public. Not just town members)

    /permissiontrust [username or public]

    Allow players to have the same level of permission as the owner inside their claims.

    (Remember “/permissiontrust public” allows anyone to give others permissions inside a claim. Not just town members)

    /extendclaim [block amount]

    Extends a claim in the direction you are looking at relative to the amount of specified blocks. i.e. /extendclaim 5




    ► Shop Commands


    Opens your personal wallet.

    /as rent

    /as unrent

    To rent or unrent a shop

    /as settp [shopname]

    Sets the tp position of your shop to the place where you stand

    /as tp [shopname]

    Teleports you to the specified shop


    Dispays your Pandabucks balance


    Displays the Head Data Base



    ► Message Commands

    /msg [username] message

    /w [username] message

    To message a player privately

    /r [message]

    To reply to a message

    /ignore [username]

    Ignores a player’s messages, type this again to un-ignore

    /ignore list

    To list players you've ignored in messages

    /ignoreplayer [username]

    /unignoreplayer [username]

    Ignores or un-ignore a player in global chat


    to list players you've ignored in global chat



    ► Vote Commands



    To access a list of voting site links for voting

    /vote total

    Displays your voting total


    To claim any keys obtained whilst voting with a full inventory



    ► TP Commands


    Teleports you to spawn

    /tpa [username]

    Sends a TP request to teleport to a player

    /tpahere [username]

    Sends a TP request to have a player teleport to you



    To accept or deny a TP request

    /sethome [name]

    To set a home

    /delhome [name]

    To delete a previously sethome

    /home [name]

    Teleports you to a previously set home


    List of all current homes




    ► Other Commands


    To read the server rules


    Gives a link to the Pandacraft Discord

    /trade [username]

    Trade with another player in close proximity



    Allows you to set or remove a disguise


    Allows you to see or hide your own disguise


    A list of each colour code you can use




    ► Flags [ULTRA Rank]



    Sets or removes a flag on your claim


    Shows a list of all available flags to use on your claim