1. Share introduction

    Hello and Welcome to Pandara!

    We are a very friendly server focused on community experience. To guarantee the best experience, we have a list of suggested rules that everyone should follow, and that means players and staff alike. 

    What do we mean by "SUGGESTED"? 

    By suggested, we mean that rules can be subjective but they MUST be followed, the subjective part comes from the staff freedom to evaluate each transgretion and taking the appropriate action for each case. If you ever disagree with a staff approach to a disciplinary action, you are free to contact us opening a TICKET via discord or through our website FORUM.


    We operate at a ZERO TOLERANCE towards abusers and severe disciplinary actions will include permanent ban from the server, if it comes to that.


    For DONATORS, it goes without saying that just because a player has purchased a rank or donated money to the server, it does not give such player the right to be abusive. Such player might get banned even if they have a RANK! Please read the server rules below and if you have any opinion, suggestion or concerns, please raise it with a member of staff or in our forum or discord.


    Yes, it is impossible to write rules that covers all subjects to perfection. Just because it isn't in the rules, doesn't mean that things can be acceptable, if in doubt, consult a member of staff.




  2. Share player conduct


    ► Common Sense goes a long way!

    Yes, common sense is subjective but in this case, we expect that players apply it with the overall server experience in place. If you are in doubt if something is appropriate or not for this server, consult a member of staff privately or open a ticket. If a subject is sensitive it is most likely better avoided in Pandara. Your common sense must be based on the rules below.

    ► Respect everyone, from Staff to Players!

    Be nice, don’t harass anyone. If you have an issue with another player you can use /ignoreplayer (playername). - If you are being harassed, please contact a member of Staff asap. - Don’t be annoying, just don’t. It might lead to you being banned.

    ► Do not ask to become Staff/Admin/OP

    The server will make it public when needed, keep an eye on the website or the discord if you’re interested! - The process of chosing a staff is based on your interaction with the community, if you ask for it, most likely that you won't get it!

    ► Do not impersonate staff.

    By any means that this might entail. Don’t change your name or appearance to resemble a member or staff. - Don’t claim to be a staff. While using items that can clone players appearance is permitted, using it to your advantage is considered impersonation.

    ► Don’t use offensive usernames, don’t use advertising usernames or offensive player skins.

    If you disagree with a Staff decision and would like to appeal, please visit the appropriated section in the forum.

    ► "I DIDN'T READ THE RULES" is never an excuse.

    You will be subjected to the rules whether you read them or not, reading the rules is your obligation as a member of this server.




  3. Share player chat

    Player Chat

    ► Do not spam!


    ► No CAPS!

    NO CAPS!!!!!!

    ► Mild and cheeky swearing will be overlooked, but not offensive chats!

    Please be conscious of other people. If your talking is making other players react in a negative way.

    Stop it!

    If Staff tells you to stop, stop it!

    ► No advertising!

    Only links related to Pandaramc will be accepted. No other links will be tolerated. - You can advertise your shop, but wait until your advertise disappear from the chat before advertising it again. No spamming.

    ► No racism/hate speech, homophobia, religion, politics, pedophilia, sexism.

    You will be banned! - Staff are directed to have zero tolerance towards those who break this one rule.

    ► No poaching!

    Do not ask another player to join you somewhere else. Pandara provides a discord for chat and voice chat. - While there aren't anything inheritly wrong with asking people to become friends outside of Pandara, certain circumstances might make this suspicious. In those circumstances, the staff reserves the right to act in the benefit of the server. You might be investigated. Those circumstances includes the following (but not limited to): Mass request of personal friend request and or asking for other players personal contacts when you are already under investigation for other reasons.

    ► ENGLISH is the standard language of the global chat.

    No special characters and fonts in the global chat, only the default font. - You can use /pm, /w, /msg, /t, or /r to privately speak other languages.

    Any player using formattings that doesn't belong to the traditional chat settings, will be asked to refrain to use it. The only allowed chat formatting is currently chat colors.




  4. Share voting


    ► You are allowed to vote with two other accounts besides your own.

    If you abuse the vote system, we will confiscate your items and proceed with the appropriate disciplinary action.




  5. Share player content

    Player Content

    ► No pornographic materials!

    This includes, but it is not limited to, sexually explicit materials, books and map art. - No inappropriate builds.

    ► No inappropriate names!

    Do not name your mob/items with inappropriate names. Mobs/Items with names that break the rules might be confiscated and destroyed and not refunded.

    ► Player created Map-Art.

    No copying or reseling mapart/banners without permission from the creator. - No political, religious, offensive maparts or maparts that break the rules in any other way.

    ► ANY form of lag machine is PROHIBITED.




  6. Share claims, griefing, pvp and entities

    Claims, Griefing, PVP and Entities

    ► Claim your stuff!

    There are measures in place to provide you with a safe and protected area where only you or those who you trust can make changes, USE IT! Unclaimed areas are subject to raids and griefs and there is nothing that the staff can do to help you. It is your responsibility to look after your own stuff after all.

    ► Griefing and or Raiding CLAIMED areas are NOT allowed.

    Any damage will be rolled back and disciplinary actions will be taken. The rule applies for any building or structure owned by other than you, including players claims, server/admin areas. If you come across any area that you believe should be protected, please contact a member of Staff. PVP is only permitted in the PVP world or when using crate items that allow you to inflict damage to other players in the main world. Pushing players to their death in unprotected zones isn’t advised.

    ► Do not TP Kill, or attempt to!

    TP Killing is the act of request a player to teleport to you with the intent of causing damage or kill the player by either dropping them into their death or tricking them into traps.

    ► Placing traps.

    Traps are ONLY allowed in your own claim, however, tp kill rules still apply. A player triggering a trap by chance inside another player's claim is not considered to be against the rules.

    ► Do not spam mobs or entities, respect their limit.

    Malicious or intentional mob/entities spamming will trigger Staff intervenience!

    ► Do Not claim within 50 blocks of another player's main build or main claim without permission from that player.

    Boxing a player’s base is not allowed. Your claim might be removed and/or you might be asked to move out. A player is allowed to have 1 main claim where they can reinforce this rule. This rule does not apply to empty claims or claim expansion. For claim dispute, please contact a member of Staff.




  7. Share trading


    ► No scamming other players in trades.

    Any trade that misleads, lies and/or does not deliver on a deal for in-game goods and services, is a scam. - No extortions are allowed. If you think you are being extorted, contact a member of Staff.

    for a safe trading use the command /trade.

    ► No 3rd Party Deals.

    This will result in permanent ban. - No real money is permitted to be exchanged between members of Pandara. Items must be purchased through our DONATION STORE. You can purchase items for another player through our store, but no IRL (in real life) exchanges are permitted. - No 3rd party items, software or effects are allowed. - Any skin or texture packs in exchange for in-game items are allowed.

    Staff are not permitted to participate or assist in any 3rd party deals.

    ► No gambling.

    Including player-arranged bets, player-arranged mystery boxes, player-arranged pay-to-enter draws, player-arranged casinos and player held lotteries. - If you want to hold any event that involve prizes, consult a member of Staff.

    Only the server can provide those type of events.




  8. Share cheating and exploiting

    Cheating and Exploiting

    ► No Hacks, duplicating.

    It will trigger disciplinary actions!

    ► No X-RAY!

    There is no tolerance to X-Rayers, please refrain from using it.

    ► Do not exploit.

    If you find a game exploit, please inform the relevant player or a member of Staff.

    ► Do not bypass punishment!

    This will result in an escalation of the problem and it could result in permanent ban.