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    Separate the discord Pandalings into the respective server roles of the mc server.
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    I got muted for 9 days (13 in total)

    Hey man, the server rules are clear. also you could have been muted by a bot which is programmed to mute after saying certain words.
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    Suggestion [CRATE SUGGESTIONS]

    A Crossbow that fires Homing arrows/fireworks.
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    Suggestion Nuclear Panditzer

    A stationary turret that can shoot explosive bolts at mobs or players in its AOE. The way it would work would be a reskinned armor stand, with a reskinned saddle, that you can sit on to control the cannon, and a furnace to hold the ammunition and govern the reload time. Whenever a player would...
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    A crafting wiki for the custom items in the server that are craftable.
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    I am a senior in high school, and live in the southeastern part of the US, I love to tinker around with electronics.
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    Problem i need help with

    The current server version is 1.18.2, if you are playing anything above that version, it crashes your game.
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    Suggestion Ancient Pandamail

    Gold-ish Chainmail armor with vines interlaced throughout and some discoloration. The armor would be unbreakable, and each piece would give the player a 1-2 heart health bonus. The full set bonus: once every to ten-fifteen minutes, the player can crouch with a regular apple in their offhand to...