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The Pandara Staff Team will be hosting an exciting PVP event in order to find the fiercest Pandalorian!​

We'll be hosting this awesome event on a 'Nuketown' themed map!​

📰 Basic Rules 🗒️

- Hacking is not allowed.
- You are not allowed to team with other individuals.
- Potions and Golden Apples will not be allowed for this PVP event.​

🥳 Prizes 🎁

🥇- 3 Rare Golden Tokens
🥈- 2 Rare Golden Tokens
🥉- 1 Rare Golden token​

Date/Time 🤔

The event will take place on May 14, 2022 at 4:00pm EST, can't wait to see you all! Prizes may change, so stay tuned! Will you be crowned the Fiercest Pandalorian? Join us in this event!​

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